Become a Climate Hero

Accelerate the transition to a sustainable world by supporting the most effective solutions to the climate crisis. For just $15/month, you offset more CO2 than you emit and start living climate-positive!

Which Climate Projects Will I Support?

We fund climate-positive projects that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Our climate projects are supported by the UN and have a Gold Standard certification. This means that in addition to meeting high standards for climate impact, they also contribute to additional sustainability goals in developing countries. Learn more about our projects

To ensure you become climate-positive, we offset 200% of an average carbon footprint. If you first want to calculate your personal footprint, you can use our calculator.

How is my money used?


Maintenance and development

We use 20% percent of your contribution to run and develop ClimateHero.


Emission reductions

The remaining 80% of your contribution enables immediate climate benefits.

How Do I Get Started?

Become a climate hero and sponsor the world's best climate solutions. Live climate-positive for just $15/month.

  • The offset is based on an average footprint of 10 tons of CO2 per year, but to ensure you become climate-positive, we offset 200%, which is 20 tons.
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